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19 maart

Website Release 1.0.30

Martijn Verkleij Nieuws

It's been a few months since the last proper release of the website. In this article we'd like to go over the most important changes.

Emailing participants

From today on it is possible for organizers of events to email the participants of their events! This is especially useful when you need to inform people of last-minute changes, or want to give release extra information at a specific time for those enrolled. When emailing, you can choose whether you want to email people that are on the backup list. If people do not have access to the feature, make sure that the correct committee is set as the organizer of the event. Unfortunately it is not easily possible to grant permission to individual members at this time.

Small changes

We added a few extra icons to the "profile dropdown" (the one under your first name when logged in). We also changed the algorithm that determines the preview image of the photo directories. It shows more recent photos than it did before, but could use some more tweaking. To be continued...

Backstage work

We also did some work under the hood, most notably being a refactoring of most of our webforms. The main motivation for this was to drastically reduce the amount of code required for each of them. The solution is still not optimal, but we hope to continue to improve this over time. This refactoring is especially relevant as it reduces the amount of code we need to write to restyle the website in the future.

Finally, we updated the software stack. We are now running the most recent release of Django, 4.0, and updated most packages in the meantime.


We would like to remind everyone that we appreciate it enormously if you let us know if something is off, broken or otherwise wrong with the website. To make this problem easier we added a "Report a bug" button in the profile dropdown a few releases ago. If you use that feature, you even get notified when we discuss and/or fix the issue!

We hope you like the release!


Release 1.0.30:

  • It is now possible to email participants of an event through the website, if you are the owner of the event, or part of the organizing committee.
  • Intro section:
    • A potential participant now receives an email automatically when their payment fails, allowing them to retry.
    • The VoCie can now manually change the state of a payment. This is only really meant to bypass mollie if a participant cannot pay through it and opts to transfer the money to the association directly through IBAN instead.
    • An administrative view now shows correctly whether a participants' enrollment was added to SAIL correctly.
  • In the photo section, the logic for determining folder preview images was changed to favor more recent albums.
  • A few extra icons were added to the profile dropdown
  • The website was upgraded to Django 4.0, and all other packages were updated where possible.
  • A generalization was made for HTML form pages, and this was applied to almost all forms.
  • The following features were made available earlier through hotfix releases:
    • Members in the enrollments tab now link to their profiles.
    • A few layout fixes were applied to the profile pages.
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