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09 september

Volvo Ocean Race wordt reality show

Daan Sprünken Nieuws Archief

De volgende editie van de Volvo Ocean Race komt er aan, en het belooft weer een mooie partij actie te worden. Zeven teams verschijnen over minder dan een maand (4 Oktober) aan de start in Alicante. En dit jaar hebben ze elf man aan boord:

Finally, one very interesting part of this race is clearly going to be the 11th crew member or the media member as Volvo calls it. I have always been a bit squeamish about watching those reality shows that essentially stick a camera in your face at any inopportune time and hope you freak out or cry or say something that will embarrass you forever. Well, I (we) are now living in this reality world and I really think that the sport could get a huge shot in the arm from it. Ricky Deppe is really doing a great job, and I am sure that there are several other good cameramen in this race. These guys should be able to show an aspect of our sport the world has never seen or even imagined. But, getting used to that camera constantly lingering about is a bit disconcerting. I guess what I am trying to say is that I apologize in advance for all the dumb stuff I will be doing in front of the unseen camera for the next 9 months. And I extend that apology from the rest of sailing team.

Bron: Sailing Anarchy.


Diederik Keij
3 jaar, 10 maanden geleden

Daarnaast zijn er enkele geruchten dat we weer een half nederlandse boot krijgen. Delta Lloyd zou de tweede ierse boot (oude ABN 1) gaan sponsoren. Meer info zou morgen volgen.