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Pizza diner and movie night

🍕⛵ Join us for a Slice of Sailing Fun at EUROS' Pizza Dinner and Movie Night! ⛵🍕

Ahoy, first-year members of the Sailing Association EUROS! It's time to set sail on a delicious journey that's bound to make your Tuesday night unforgettable. We're excited to invite you to our special Pizza Dinner and Movie Night!

🌟 Event Details: 📅 Date: 21st of November 🕕 Time: 18:00 (6:00 PM) 📍 Location: Enschede City Center

What to Expect: 🍕 Pizza Perfection: Dive into a sea of flavors with a mouthwatering selection of pizzas, handcrafted to perfection. We've got all your favorite toppings and then some! Whether you're a pepperoni lover, a veggie enthusiast, or a margherita purist, we've got you covered.

🎬 Movie Magic: Once your taste buds are satisfied, kick back and relax as we screen a nautical-themed movie that'll take you on a cinematic voyage. From adventurous pirates to sailing epics, get ready for a cinematic experience that complements your love for the high seas.

Je bent niet ingeschreven!

Inschrijvingen voor dit evenement zijn al gesloten. Neem contact op met Jurre Oosterhof voor meer informatie.


Start: 21 november 2023 18:00
Eind: 21 november 2023 23:00
Beschikbare plekken: 30


Jurre Oosterhof
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