About Euros Sailing

The association

Euros Sailing is University of Twente's sailing association. Everyone who wants to enjoy sailing is welcome at our association. We are a versatile association, we aim to practise as many different aspects of the sport of sailing as possible. With Euros you can combine relaxed sailing weekends, competitive sailing and enjoy drinks with the other members of the association. Even people who have never sailed before are welcome to join our association!


‘What can I expect from your sailing association?’

Our sailing season runs from the end of March to the beginning of November. During this period, sailing events are organised almost every weekend. These events can be categorized in instruction events, cruising events and competitive sailing.

Instruction - Every year a multiple-day sailing course is organised. This course is both aimed at beginning and more advanced sailors, the level of instruction is adjusted according to the level of the participants. Other instruction weekends on all the different boats in our fleet are organized regularly, so you can get to know the different types of boats we sail. During the summer vacation there are instruction weeks, where we sail on different types of boats.

‘Gezelligheid’ - Apart from events aimed at instruction we also organise sailing events aimed at relaxed sailing. Some examples are the Wadden Weeks, where we take the ‘Ebenhaëzer’ for a trip along the different Wadden Islands in the very north of the Netherlands, and the sea sailing trips on out fully seaworthy yacht ‘Jaffa’. Also cruising through Friesland, on the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea on our small yachts is something we do regularly.

Competitive sailing - The members of Euros regularly participate in sailing matches. For example, we sail the yealy ‘Klipperrace’ with the ‘Ebenhaëzer’ and members form teams for different competitions like the Caférace, NSK (national student championship), Nestor trophy and the SLAK where you race against all the different student sailing associations across the Netherlands.

Free usage of boats - When no events are planned with a boat in our fleet, members can book this boat against a small fee and take it for a nice sailing trip.


‘What do you do outside the sailing season?’

Drinks - Every first and third wednesday of the month a drink is organised at our own bar the ‘Sevende Camer’ on the Universitary Water Sports Complex. Prior to these drinks we enjoy a nice meal together.

Maintenance - At the end of every sailing season we sail all our boats to the Universitary Water Sports Complex in Enschede. During the winter season we store them in our heated shed for maintenance and repairs. Maintenance of our fleet is done by the members of Euros themselves on every monday evening during the winter. Even if you have two left hands you can make yourself useful during these evenings.

Sailing areas

‘But where do you sail?’

You may have noticed already that there isn't a lot of water suitable for sailing around Enschede. During drinks in Enschede we sometimes put some small boats in the channel next to the Water Sports Complex, but most of our sailing takes place outside Enschede. We sail in the beautiful provice Friesland, on the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea and our sea sailing yacht has sailed almost every sea between Norway and Spain. These sailing trips are hard to combine with studing during the weeks, so most of our sailing events take place in the weekends. Each year many events are pland during the weekends for which every member can subscribe, so you can step on the train with your fellow association members on friday evening and return on sunday evening after a great sailing weekend. Afterwards we take all the great stories to our own bar in Enschede where you can enjoy a drink on every first and third wednesday of the month.

Sailing on a budget!

‘Isn't sailing an expensive sport?’

With Euros, you can enjoy great sailing events, of which the participation fees are much lower than with regular sailing camps or sailing holidays. As a member you can take our boats for a much lower price than at a regular boat rental company.

Are you already a capable sailor or do you want to learn sailing, but you're not sure whether a membership of Euros is something for you? Feel free to subscribe for one of our introduction weekends! Becoming a member is not obligatory.

30-feet one-off

Jaffa is a 30-feet racer / cruiser that can both be used for competitive sailing as well as sea-sailing trips. Jaffa has visited many different countries in the past years, including England; France; Spain; Norway; Finland and Schotland.


Raaskal is a cabin cruiser of the type ‘Waterrat’ that was designed and built by members of Euros. It's home port is Akkrum in Friesland, which makes it a very suitable boat to explore the beautiful waters in this province. Raaskal can also be used on larger waters like the IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea.

De Witte Draeck
Varianta 18

De Witte Draeck is a cabin cruiser of the type ‘Varianta 18’ and is used since 2013 as our onze instruction boat. It is also used frequently for cruising through Friesland, on the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea. Some members like to call this boat by it's nick-name ‘Drekje’.

Triskaidekaphobia & Laserop
Laser 2

Euros currently has two Laser 2's. These racing dinghies are the fastest boats in our fleet. You may get a bit wet when sailing these boats, but especialy in stronger winds spectacular sailing is guaranteed!


The ‘Valk’ is a nearly indestructible type of open sail boat which makes them the most popular rental boats in The Netherlands. They are not part of our regular fleet, but we often hire one or more of these boats for our sailing events as an addition to our own fleet.