Meet the new board

Board Photo

The 54th board of D.Z. Euros has started their work. The new board is the first international board for the association, with four different nationalities represented.

The board will be focusing on several different areas, including increasing the size of membership, as well as increasing the number of active members. This also includes expanding the appeal of the association to both Dutch and non-Dutch speaking students. More of these details are outlined in the board's short term plan.

Board Bios:






Jurriaan Sprik is the new chairman of D.Z. Euros. He is a relatively green person joining the board while just starting his bachelor’s in Computer Science. He is originally from Wageningen in the Netherlands. Being relatively young does not mean he does not sail however. He started sailing when he was 7 and hopes to continue this life at D.Z. Euros.







The treasurer for this year is Niels Sulzer. He is a second year Bachelor Electrical Engineering student. Originally from Germany, he spent the majority of his life living, and sailing, in Tanzania, and joined Euros to continue to get his sailing fix. He hopes to bring some fresh ideas to the association, and gain a lot of experience in return. He's not too shabby with numbers either.







Michiel Bakker is the new secretary and sailing commissioner. He is in his fifth year of his Computer Science study, but has only been a Euros member for less than a year. He joined Euros without any sailing experience, so there’s still plenty to learn. Here’s to a year of new experiences, both with being a board member and improving sailing skills.







Frans Skarman is the new materials commissioner. His an exchange student from Sweden doing the first year of his master’s degree in computer science at the university of twente. Like most of the new board, he is a new member of D.Z Euros but he does have some board experience from being the treasurer LiTHe Kod, a programming association at his home university. He is looking forward to lots of fun sailing during his time at D.Z. Euros.







Harmen Rockler is the public relations commissioner. He is a master’s student studying marketing communication, originally from Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. From 2014 thru 2017 he worked as the PR & Marketing coordinator for Farr Yacht Design, which is the design & engineering team behind the Volvo Ocean 65, Farr 40, and many other racing, cruising & superyachts. He is looking forward to bringing his experience at FYD to his new role at Euros.

Geschreven door: Harmen Rockler