Who we are

D.Z. Euros is Enschede's student sailing association. We are one of the oldest associations at the University of Twente, starting at the university’s founding. Throughout the years we've grown as an association, offering a large, varied fleet for our members to sail. At Euros you can enjoy many different styles of sailing, including: sea sailing and racing on our 9m “Jaffa,” cruising on the Wadden Sea and the Dutch province Friesland on our two small cabin cruisers or performance sailing on our Lasers.

Almost every Wednesday we have drinks at the Sevende Camer, our bar at the University Water Sports Complex. In the winter we maintain our fleet on Mondays in our large storage facility.

ervaar euros

Intro weekend

Our autumn introduction programme gives you the opportunity to get to know our association, our members, and the sport of sailing. We will have some of our fleet of boats along with a Skûtsje. During this weekend Heeg will be our base from which we will plan a nice route.

The costs for the entire introduction programme will be €60,-. This fee pays for the boats, food, your accommodation, and other organization costs. The food on the introduction drink and barbecue are also included in this fee. The only thing not included in this fee is for drinks at the bar.

You can sail with us on our introduction weekend on 17-19 of May. We will take the train towards Akkrum on Friday evening and you will be back in Enschede on Sunday evening. On 15 of May, the Wednesday evening before the weekend, we will have an intro drink at the Sevende Camer, our association’s bar in the Watersports Complex. We’ll also have a barbecue on the Wednesday evening after the weekend, the 22nd of May.

Want to become a member directly?

If you would like to become a member of our association directly, you can fill in the application form. You can hand this form in at our secretary, either personally, via the post box in the UT Sports Centre, via mail to Auke Vleerstraat 99, 7547 AN Enschede or via e-mail (scanned) to secretaris@euros.nl.


We’ll be happy to answer questions about the weekend or any general membership questions. Contact us at vocie@euros.nl.